Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Lovely Review

Friends, I'm tickled pink to see reviews flooding in for Queen of the Waves. Here's one of my favorites so far:

4.0 out of 5 stars Queen of the WavesOctober 12, 2012
This review is from: Queen of the Waves (Paperback)
In "Queen of the Waves" Janice Thompson has taken a somewhat different direction from her usual romantic comedies that I have come to enjoy so much. In this historical romance set primarily aboard that famous fateful voyage of the Titanic, Janice's trademark humor is still present but appropriately toned down several notches. Although anyone reading a novel about the Titanic already knows the historic outcome of that cruise, there must be as many different stories as there were passengers. Janice's vivid imagination has gifted her readers with an improbable yet totally believable story that just could have happened.

With vivid descriptions of the bigger-than-life ship with its opulent decor, extraordinary menus, glamorous passengers, and their sensational wardrobes, "Queen of the Waves" is a sensory treat for the reader's imagination. The characters are delightfully realistic with both good and aspects to their personalities. The plot moved at the perfect pace and contained several unique twists and surprises that helped detract from the dread of the already known ending. A sweet but unexpected romance and positive relationship developments add depth to the story. And deftly woven throughout the plot from beginning to end is a message of faith that reminds the reader of the Lord's involvement in our lives despite our carefully laid plans.

I am usually not a fan of Titanic stories, "Queen of the Waves" might just make me reconsider. It was an enjoyable book that I would recommend to all who enjoy historical romance novels.

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  1. That sounds wonderful. I really like Janice's romantic comedies. I'm intrigued to read a different kind of story from such an excellent author.