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“Queen of the Waves”
Commemorative Gifts and Memorabilia

Contact Patti Lee to order at: texGirl.Lee (at) gmail.com 

The Fabroochi*
*Fabroochi, a trademark name of LuLi creations, are beautiful vintage, one-of -a-kind textile brooches made to be worn on a lapel, at your waist (preferred in the Edwardian day), or on your handbag or hat.  Each artisan piece is created from tapestries, velvets, satins, organdy, tulle and other textiles, often embellished with beading, vintage jewelry, ribbons or feathers.  “Queen of the Waves” Fabroochis are specially designed in the Edwardian style of the day.

1)Luli’s choice; choose price range    $10; $15; $20; $30
2)Select from photos

Custom order choosing your colors, fabrics, embellishments; choose price range $15; $20; $30

Edwardian Cuffs
Pure glamour, these cuffs are in high style again today.  Each cuff is an artisan piece, handcrafted from velvets, satins or tapestries, embellished with bead embroidery, vintage jewelry and charms; closures pearl button/loop, snaps or ribbon ties. “Queen of the Waves” ribbon/tag.

1) Choose width: 1, 2, or 3 inch cuff.  Choose fabric: velvet, satin, tapestry. Choose 1-3 color(s) combination.  Choose price: $15, $20, $30
1) Luli’s choice.   $15.00
NOTE: You must include your wrist size in your order.  Measure mid-wrist; an exact measurement for a snug fitting cuff; or add an inch for looser fit.

Hair Clips and Jewelry

Floral and jewelry clips and embellishments for your feminine up-dos.  Vintage organzas, satins, silks; sturdy, easy clip in style; or pearl/satin headbands, all styles with or without feathers.  These delicate hair decor pieces are perfect for any special event, wedding, dance, or just to make you feel special.

Options: Color choices; with/without feathers; clip or headband.  $10, $12, $15

The Iceberg Necklace

A delicate necklace with an iceberg drop pendant and a metal-framed “Queen of the Waves” charm.  $25.00

Glass Framed Collage

A curved, free-standing glass frame with the “Queen of the Waves” image, dates, your character name, stateroom and/or ticket number, etc.  Perfect memory for your desk.    $25.00

Keepsake Key

A vintage style key, “Queen of the Waves” charm, stateroom and/or ticket number, character name and embellishments threaded on aged ribbons.   A forever reminder of our incredible journey!       $10.00 

Travel Journal

Whether you survived the cruise or not, youll want to keep your memories of our incredible journey and your character.  Handmade, vintage styled, with the “Queen of the Waves”

image on the front, the worn pages include your name, stateroom and/or ticket number, date of our journey, and room to write your thoughts and memories, or copy/paste our Facebook entries.      $12.00  

Salon Pillow 
Take your stateroom salon pillow home with you!  And if you travelled 3rd class and didnt have such a luxury, this is your chance to own one.  This small, decorative pillow is centered with a silk “Queen of the Waves” image, and covered in vintage style velvet, satin or tapestry and trims.  Perfectly props on your bed, favorite chair or davenport.

Options: LuLi’s choice, or your color choice.       $25.00   

Opera Scarf
(no photo available)    

What lady would stroll the deck under the evening stars or dine without one? Perfect for a classical evening of opera or theatre, or just when you want to look stunning.  Scarves are handmade from delicate sheers, satins and velvets, embellished with fines trims and rhinestones.   Approximately 8x 54-60 inches.

Options: Color choice. “Queen of the Waves” ribbon/tag included.     $35.00   /tag.     $20.00

Jewelry: Beaded Pin
(no photo available)

Small lapel pin; “Queen of the Waves” centerpiece on velvet, surrounded by hand bead embroidery; metal back & clasp.    $15.00  

Jewelry: Pendant
(no photo available)

“Queen of the Waves” pendant under glass on velvet loop with metal clasp.  Your character name, stateroom and/or ticket number on the back.     $15.00

Jewelry: Chandelier Earrings
(no photo available)
Elegant drop earrings of the era; pearls or glass stones.  

Tax is included in the price.  Shipping is flat-rate.  10% discount to Queen of the Waves members.  Orders filled in the order received.  To place your order, contact Patti Lee at Patti Lee texgirl.lee@gmail.com

Options: LuLis choice; choose pearl, or glass, (may choose stone color)  $15.00

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